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Quotes and Reviews

‘Nobody does it quite like Alexandra Potter’ - Daily Mirror

Me and Mr Darcy is sure to score points with all you hopeless romantics out there’ - Heat

‘Feel-good fiction full of unexpected twists and turns’ - OK!

‘Funny, romantic…tale about what might happen if all your wishes suddenly came true’ - Daily Mirror

‘Fantastically funny’ - Elle

‘A winning formula of chaotic heroine meeting eccentric hero, and, after misunderstandings, finding love. Sharply written, pacey and funny… pure self-indulgence’ - The Times

‘I loved it – it’s fun, fast and feel-good – the perfect three! Positively dripping with humour and heart’ - Helen Lederer

‘Essential reading for anyone who thinks the grass is greener on the other side’ - Company

‘The perfect reading romcom’ - Daily Mail

‘Slickly written and often very funny’ - The Times

‘Sharp, witty dialogue’ - The Scotsman

‘A scan of recent Darcy literature yields almost two dozen titles...Alexandra Potter's Me and Mr. Darcy is one of the most winning of the latter. Potter's novel is a funny, sometimes moving first-person story…’ - The Washington Post

Online Reviews and Interviews

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